Güneşe Yelken Aç (Set Sail For the Sun)

As a part of Rainbow Warrior's upcoming trip to Turkey, our long-time client Greenpeace Turkey tasked us with launching a website to increase solar power awareness and usage in Turkey. Due to strict launch schedule of ships coming, we had to come up with a shareable website where users would learn about solar power more than common knowledge such as it is clean but expensive or that it is not very suitable.

Solar power was in fact economically better than any power source in mid or long term, and very suitable for Turkey; one of leading countries in Europe in terms of direct or usable sunlight which is vital for solar power installations.

So we came up with a brand, "Güneşe Yelken Aç" which would tease Rainbow Warrior's upcoming arrival and solar awareness. Afterall, Rainbow Warrior is a well-known green powered sailboat.





We built a small tool that even with very small information such as number of apartments or how strong is apartment shaded, would calculate annual profit and what kind of installations would be required to do so.

And just like every social campaign, users were also encouraged to share their potential profits and their friends would see those with a beautiful but simple personal typographic poster.