Northstar Innovation

Northstar Innovation is innovative division of Yıldız Holding, where company offers consultancy and financial support to innovators as well as leading and directing innovation movements within Yıldız Holding to an innovative future.

Prior to 2015 only latter part existed both digitally and structurally. As entrepeneurships and startups grew, Northstar wanted to take part of this as it's parent company Yıldız Holding is the one of biggest corporations and holds most of market share in many areas domestically.

Brand's name is as clear as it sounds —a guiding star, offering right paths and opportunities to those who seek. So we had to design a website, where simplicity and innovation merged.


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Art Direction & Design

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The Approach

One of main questions raised was how site was planned to be released. Northstar Innovation was considered in two main topics. Northstar Innovation, which included face of companty and its operations but also briefed on how innovation is explained, worked and its' ways of innovation culture.

Second important part was Northstar Incubation Center, where a conventional incubation center was presented to customers and entrepeneurs alike. Anyone could register, login and present their project or startup company to look for further investment from Yıldız Holding, company behind website itself. V3 approach below was concluded as final choice many meetings later, where both parts would be united under same flag.

Site was divided in 3 main parts, where first one (Who We Are) was merrely an introduction, second one (Innovation) would show understanding behind approach and company itself, and third one would be a landing for Incubation Center.

Landing had countless design drafts as thin line between Innovation and Incubation occasionally blended in through site's content. Last conclusion was to briefly explain what innovation is, show who team behind Northstar is, their vision & mission, and where innovation would stand behind idea and financial success.

More than just having good looks, this part had to show how progress establishes success, and how consulting is offered by Northstar to achieve mentioned course. Just as approach stated how confusing this would be, this page offered user how site is divided or united in perspective by showing Innovation (IdeaStars), Incubation Center and Innovation culture & processes (Innoday & Innobook).

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The Innovation

Innovation, which was not considered a path or a tool but a mind set by Northstar, was explained in second part of navigation. This part also showed what are defined as types of innovation in general manner, by providing real examples.

Innovation culture, which is a milestone in developing Northstar Innovation was real understanding behind processes. As much as it's a abstract concept, it was shown in simplest way of visualizations; graphical interactive charts.

The Incubation Center

Incubation center; as explained in Northstar Innovation center's words was not just a financial support but a more grand scheme of ideas.

The support and consultation included guidance and mentorship, local and global networks, innovation partnership, financial access and even work spaces.

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Dashboard was also designed and developed simultaneously with website where targeted audience was even broader than Northstar Innovation's website itself. So we had to simplify things in dashboard while giving both simplier and complex teams access.

I've also had chance to work with a Material framework for this part in 2015. As popular it was, it was also a great opportunity to present great interaction models in heavy text-based content. Users were able to form companies, add multiple members, input financial models by year or by method.

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The Responsivity

One thing site wouldn't work well without was responsivity. Many of users accessed Northstar on mobile phones, ultrabooks and tablets.

To make sure everything worked perfect we built some of Innovation and every page of Incubation Center specifically for phones. As teams grew, every device was considered a path to Innovation and we couldn't do less than this.

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