World Class Turkey

World Class is the annual competition hosted by Diageo Reserve to find the world’s best bartender. The search for fine drinking experiences and cocktail culture are at the heart of World Class, alongside a passion for discovering the next generation of bartending talent and the latest trends in mixology. 

The World Class Club is a celebration of the world’s best bartenders and the world’s finest drinks. Each month we will showcase a World Class cocktail made by one of the most talented mixologists in the world, chatting to them as they share their inside knowledge and recommendations on the most spectacular bars from around the globe. 

World Class Turkey is the online integrated platform for the Turkey’s top bartenders and finest drinks. Every year one of top bartenders around country is selected to race among bartenders around the world for Diageo’s Reserve World Class competition. 

Diageo & Mey

2025 Arena

Art Direction & Design



Every drink had its own detailed page, where as suggested cocktails or service recommendations were given or even drink’s history would be presented in a chronological order, from early production to modern process methods.


Website also had a loyalty integration as a strong backbone. Bartenders are awarded points according to their participation in events, games and social campaigns through out year. Then those who could gather enough points and/or profile stars would purchase items through gift catalogue according to their collected points. 

Any offline activity, social media engagement or daily questionnaire participation would be beneficial to user by either adding points or changing point gain multiplier. This integration and it’s logistic part were supplied by country’s biggest supplier Interlink, which is leader in competition with over %50 of market share.

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The Competition